Acronym: e-MOTIVE

Contract No.: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038850

OBJECTIVES: With e-MOTIVE solutions VET teachers will learn how to integrate ICT in their teaching, including different models of teaching like classroom teaching, blended learning, e-learning. They will also acquire competences for self-development as educators by participating in ICT-based courses and using materials regarding domain they teach, which will enable to keep provided teaching update. Therefore expected benefits for users of e-MOTIVE solutions are long-term since acquired ICT confidence and skills facilitate continuous professional development, which will contribute to quality and market relevance of VET.

Duration: 2 years;  start date: 1st September 2017, end date: 31st August 2019. 


Repository of the knowledge resources and ready-to-use software solutions which support the integration of ICT in training.

After logging to this course you will receive free access to the following resources:

- Knowledge Pills - showing how particular types of tools/methods can be incorporated in the lesson,

- Software sandboxes - end-users will be provided with the possibility to test/try selected software environment (open-source platforms/web tools in the type of Moodle, Joomla, LimeSurvey, etc.) which can help to utilize the ICT tools in the training,

- Reports - presenting state of the art tools and methods supporting the integration of ICT in training,

- e-MOTIVE Augmented Reality tool - access to the innovative software environment allowing the user to create and share AR applications