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Online course in 3D printing and practical use of acquired knowledge.

To sign up please specify which target group you are a representative of.  But don't worry, no matter what group you represent, you will still gain access to the entire course - the target group defines which thematic modules are mandatory for you to view.
Assignment to a given target group is done by entering a proper key during confirmation of participation. The following groups are available:

- Education/Teaching - use key - 3Dspec-edu
- Design - use key - 3Dspec-design
- Healthcare - use key - 3Dspec-health
- if your are representative of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - use key - 3Dspec-smes
- if you are interested in 3D printer assembly - use key - 3Dspec-printer

Follow the instructions provided in the course. If you complete the whole course positively, we will have a small gift for you: a free 3D printout!

Online Vocational training course on design, manufacture and validation
of custom-made orthopaedic, oral and cranio-maxillofacial device.

Online szakképzési kurzus személyre szabott ortopéd, orális és karniomaxillofaciális eszközök tervezéséhez, gyártásához és validációjához.

Internetowy kurs szkolenia zawodowego w zakresie projektowania, wytwarzania i walidacji wyrobów ortopedycznych w chirurgii szczękowej i twarzo-czaszkowej, wykonywanych na zamówienie.
Curso on-line para la formación especializada en el diseño, fabricación y validación de productos ortopédicos orales y cráneo-maxilofaciales hechos a medida.

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